About me

My name is Scott Kelley. I go by 'Moloth' online. No, i'm not the Russian death metal band (I've been using this name since, like, 1991). Nor am I an astronaut, despite my childhood predictions.

I'm a programmer, a geek and a gamer. I used to live in Chattanooga, TN. And Warner Robins, GA after that. Now I'm in Sacramento, CA (and I love it). I'm married, middle-aged, and extremely boring now. You may have been in a D&D game I've run. Or have played WoW, STO, FO76, or some other MMO, with me. Maybe I've argued with you online. Maybe you've heard me talk on a Star Trek podcast.

Or, perhaps, I've written code (ColdFusion / SQL) for your company. I used to do that a lot. I've worked on school/student management software. I was an Independent Contractor (i.e. mercenary with a laptop) for long enough to realize that, while I loved the freedom, I didn't love the lack of paid holidays... or health insurance. Now, I'm a Digital Communications Supervisor 2 working with Universities and State governments.

The main page is just a bunch of links to my various accounts online and a link to my personal e-mail. Let no one ever say that I made myself hard to find.

Scott Kelley - Updated 4/22/2021